Nice People Finish First More 2

Posted by Ryan Dutka . on Tuesday, May 7th, 2019 at 12:36pm.

                                                       NICE EVEN WORKS IN THE ANIMAL WORLD

Elephant filmed trying to save a baby hippo stuck in the mud.
Elephants and hippos are mortal enemies.

Dog jumps into swimming pool to push a panicked drowning dog to safety.

Dogs who have been filmed nursing kittens, a bird, a goat, piglets.

Dogs who have taken on the job of grooming and protecting new-borns 
of other species which have either lost or been rejected by the mother

Cats who have been filmed nursing across species.

Cat adopts a mouse and protects it from other cats.
the mouse had to be put into a cage so the cat would get back to its job
catching mice.

Two predators which were so aggressive 
and unable to tolerate any other animal in the sanctuary 
became best friends and were housed together

Tiger in sanctuary become best friends with dog which is the house pet

Dog becomes best friend of baby elephant in sanctuary which was being
ignored by other elephants

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