Maximizing Your Home’s Curb Appeal in Fall and Winter in Edmonton

Posted by Ryan Dutka . on Monday, October 2nd, 2017 at 9:53am.

Maximize the Curb Appeal of Your Edmonton Home

Autumn and winter can be a magical time in Edmonton. As the days start to get shorter, you will notice crisp mornings and cool evenings and an explosion of fiery hues taking the place of summer greenery. However, fall and winter can also become a daunting time to sell a home because there are more challenges to face when creating curb appeal. 

Here are a few easy ways you can maintain and maximize your home’s curb appeal in the fall and winter:

Make Sure the Leaves are Raked

Falling leaves are a picturesque and essential part of fall, but a yard covered in thick detritus of rotting leaves may give the wrong impression of your home. Making sure the leaves are tidy and raked into neat piles or removed entirely from the yard will make sure potential buyers know your home is well maintained and cared for. 

Keep Seasonal Decorations to a Classy Minimum 

Fall and winter are also the time of year when all the most fun holidays fall. If you are big into decorating for holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, you might want to reconsider some of your more outlandish decorations. Keeping these seasonal items at a classy minimum will give a better impression than homes fully decked out to scare neighbourhood children on Halloween or a home with an overwhelming amount of Christmas decorations during the holiday. Some recommended items are classic pumpkins and gourds during the fall holidays or simple white twinkling lights and lush wreaths for Christmas. 

Leave the Lights On

If your neighbourhood receives a lot of foot traffic, it might be a good idea to leave your lights on and keep the blinds open in the evening. As it gets darker faster, passersby will be able to look into your home for a sneak peek at times when you are not having showings or open houses. 

Add Some Seasonal Greens

There are many plants that do quite well in the fall and winter while also adding some beautiful curb value to your home. For example, placing some potted cabbage on the porch will add some beautiful colour to your yard while your flowerbeds are bare during the winter. If you also have any bushes or evergreens that you usually wrap up for the winter, you can forgo this step while selling the home so buyers can see their full potential when they visit. 

Pick a Bold Door Colour

Fall is also a good time of year to paint your front door. Before things get too cold, choose a bold, classic colour to paint the door. Reds, blues, and yellows, in particular, all pop during the winter and fall and could attract buyers who would otherwise pass your home without a second glance.

For more help and advice on how to maximize curb appeal and sell your home in the fall or winter, contact the experts at Ryan Dutka Real Estate Solutions. Call 1-780-988-0001 today to speak with one of our team members.

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