How to Make Money in Selling Unwanted Items

Posted by Ryan Dutka . on Saturday, June 15th, 2013 at 12:50pm.

How to make money in selling unwanted items

New ways to get rid of old things.
The old ways still work. Garage sales still draw the crowds
because people still like to see and touch things.

If you decide to have a garage sale you can use the Internet to advertise.
You can also use the same venue to pre-sell items
which you intend to put out for the garage sale
or to skip the physical garage sale and sell items directly from the Internet.

Of course the usual social networks would be where you would want to go.
But consider building your own website and direct people to it
using the social networks. On this site you can do more elaborate things,
like offering or soliciting trades and swaps.

Or you can search out reputable websites,
which allow you to sell directly from their site
and evaluate their benefits and differences.
Some allow you to list your item and display a picture, and ask for bids.
Others allow you to set your own price, others allow bartering.
Review each site especially the legal print
and check out references of others who have used the site.

Make sure you provide specific details about each item,
take pictures from different angles, making sure the lighting is good.
They do not have to be professional, just make sure the item is featured
against a plain backdrop. Nobody wants to see the clutter in your living area.

It does not trigger the urge to purchase
when you have your dirty dishes stacked in the sink your cat sleeping on the TV
or your computer working area scattered with papers and sticky notes
as the background for the pressure cooker you want to sell

Be honest about the age and condition of the item.
That same social network you are using to get the item sold
will turn on you in an instant if you rip one of them off.

Use a secured payment site for the transfer of the money.
You will not likely know the buyer personally.
Just because they were liked by someone who was liked by someone 
who was liked by someone whom you liked, does not mean you know them.
Be wary of allowing the buyer to come to your home to pick up.
Remember you do not know them.

Have the item delivered,
use mail if it is small enough or use a courier.
You can build the cost into the item or have the buyer pay,
but make this clear in the description of the item you want to sell.

You are alive. Do something, Look Listen, Choose , Act
Barbara Hall


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