How Did Edmonton Make China Green with Envy

Posted by Ryan Dutka . on Saturday, June 15th, 2013 at 12:48pm.


See how Edmonton is Making Millions in Green Technology
and how you can make your friends green with envy.
following Edmonton’s lead.

Let us start from the beginning.

The Next time you are at the checkout counter
at any of your favourite shopping places
STOP and look.
Really look around the store as if you are seeing it for the first time.

You will see stuff and lots of it.
It can be an overwhelming experience,
just ask any new immigrant from a less abundant country.

Stores do a good job of stuffing their premises full of stuff,
for the sole purpose of tempting us to buy more stuff.
More than we want or need.
They are very successful at tempting us and I speak from experience.
9 times out 10 I walk out with stuff which was not on my list
and stuff I did not even know that I needed it until I saw it.

We read labels very carefully so we know where our stuff comes from
and what stuff they used to make our stuff
but do we know where all of this stuff goes, after we no longer need it ?
90% of the stuff you will be looking at as you gaze around the store,
will be replaced with more stuff in less than a year.

What do they do with all of the stuff which does not sell,
what do people do with all the stuff they bought
when it goes out of fashion breaks, needs replacing, or rots in our refrigerator.

Eventually it all gets thrown out.
So how does a city like Edmonton
with a population of 1 million buying zillions of dollars of stuff,
keep us from drowning in all of the stuff we buy and throw out
plus all of the stuff the stores cannot sell and throw out,
and the relentless pile of stuff replacing the last pile of stuff
which will also have to be thrown out.

And here we are; this is where China is GREEN with Envy
because Edmonton is a leader in unwanted-stuff handling.

According to the Globe and Mail
Edmonton has the respect of countries around the world
including China, who is actively seeking advice,
from Edmonton Experts in Waste Management.

Impressed are they, and am I, that by 2014
only 10% of Edmonton’s household trash will still be dumped into the ground

According to Mayor Mandel no one has a better integration system
which manages waste facilities than Edmonton.

He has postulated that Edmonton could make its waste management utilities
into a billion-dollar business running trash facilities around the globe.
Where does he get such an imagination?
Well glad you asked.
Here are 5 good reasons I found to support these statements made by Mr Mandel.

The city made $6.4 million in 2011 from selling metal, paper and other reusable
material, from taking construction debris for recycling, to carbon offsets and compost.
this is $6.4 million the city does not have to find in our pockets.

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EPCOR has become a leader in operating water and sewage operations
for 15 other firms and municipalities generating $140-million a year.
Epcor's dividend to the city last year was $134 million,
which represented a quarter of all of Edmonton's residential property taxes.

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The waste management centre in Clover Bar
already includes an organic garbage compostor,
electronic and construction recycling,
and a power generator burning methane piped in from the closed landfill site.
After the biofuels plant goes into full production in 2014,
the utility expects only 10 per cent of Edmonton's household trash
will still be dumped into the ground.
Less landfills is more room for healthy living space

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Recycling, reusing and managing waste is a rapidly growing field.
a global industry worth an estimated $390-billion annually,
according to a 2009 report produced by a French environmental services company.
China’s waste industry is estimated at $32-billion,
or 10 times the size of the whole municipal waste market in Canada.
Industries of the future create jobs of the future.

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Edmonton’s waste management efforts won it an award in 2010
from the Air and Waste Management Association industry group,
as well as a similar award, nine years earlier,
from the American Public Works Association.
People from other countries have taken training
through Edmonton's waste management centre of excellence.
In short, Edmonton officials want to be the world’s top trash consultants.
Good for the ego, while being good for the environment, and good for the economy

A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds - Francis Bacon


CLICK HERE For Article from the Globe and Mail on the Edmonton-China connection 

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