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Get Your Yard Ready for Autumn in Edmonton

Fall Cleanup in EdmontonLook, we know you're enjoying summer, but it has to end, right? Now that autumn is just peeking around the corner, it’s the perfect time to take care of the yard work one final time before the really cold weather settles in and our flowering, green yards become a not too distant memory. Plus, all of your hard work now gives you something to look forward to after the spring thaw.

Here we’ve offered a few tips for preparing your yard for winter and ensuring a fresh, healthy start to next spring If you’re thinking of selling your Edmonton home this coming fall or winter, these steps will help ensure you don’t have to make the outside presentable in frigid weather.

Lawn Care

Edmonton Yard Care for FallAs your grass becomes dormant preparing for the winter months and growth

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Smart Grid is a money saver for the city and a way you can get Utilities to pay you. Soon we will be able to measure the overall energy use of your home by the second and by the penny even on a per appliance basis. It may even be possible to hook a home up with its own smart grid which will make reducing energy consumption more effective by storing saved energy as a commodity which can be used at peak times, or sold back to the utility company.

In 2010 EPCOR filed their (smart grid) design and architecture with the Alberta Utilities Commission to put this in place. As of June 2017, the smart grid is up and running! This system will monitor your usage by the hour and be able to educate you on when the peak times are so you can change your usage habits.

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5 Backyard Add-ons To Make Your Summer

Stuck with a boring strip of grass to mow? Looking for a chance to spend some more time in the outdoors? Love to entertain? Summer may be well underway, but that doesn't mean it's too late to add a little oomph to your backyard gatherings. If you're looking to make the perfect addition to your backyard before autumn arrives, and to make the most out of summertime, here are five suggestions that are a great fit for many Edmonton homeowners.

Next Level Barbecuing

Love to barbecue? Why not take your grilling game to the next level? Aside from upgrading the BTUs on your grill, additions like wood-fired pizza ovens or smokers can expand your outdoor cooking possibilities immensely. If you're looking for more, consider a full-scale outdoor kitchen,

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Edmonton is a leading example of community gardens. There are over 30 community garden groupsin Edmonton; and over 60 different garden sites.

Community gardens bring many benefits to Edmontonians. -Provide recreation for young and old -Make neighbourhoods more beautiful -Produce healthy food -Create community spirit -Share gardening knowledge and experience

The City of Edmonton supports community gardens by Providing municipal land (with Partners-in-Parks agreements), Supporting Sustainable Food Edmonton, and advice and coordination to community leagues.

In the end, the goal of urban community gardens and the key to their success is the same: "Urban gardeners see numerous benefits, from a heightened sense of empowerment to a lighter grocery

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Edmonton Waste Management Centre

Another great tour week starts up in Edmonton from Sunday May 31 to Saturday June 6 during Environment Week. Take the kids down to the Edmonton Waste Management Centre (EWMC) for a free guided tour of this internationally-acclaimed facility, and find out how and what is recycled in Edmonton. Get an inside look at the process of recycling and get the kids involved in this cool interactive event.

Some Highlights Of What You'll Uncover:

  • Learn how recyclable material is sorted and prepped.
  • Find out how your household garbage helps create the compost produced.
  • Discover the process of turning garbage from a landfill into electricity.
  • Learn about biofuels and how the city of Edmonton is working to reach a 90% waste diversion program.
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Eco Solar Tour Edmonton

If you have yet to join the Eco Solar Home Tour in Edmonton, this two-day event on May 30-31 is a must-see for those interested in renewable energy and green building techniques.

You'll see ultra-cool single family residences, as well as high efficiency tech facilities in the city that are reinventing the word "green." Community energy efficiency initiatives, Net Zero Energy builds, as well as big solar retrofits are all on the map. This is a one-of-a-kind exploration of Edmonton homes and buildings.

The site locations on the list are all open-house style, with volunteers and homeowners happily opening their doors to those who want to stop by. See the alternatives in practice and find out more about what it means to go green in today's local

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Wind Energy: Providing Significant Local Economic Benefits
There are a number of factors that impact property values
and it is difficult to isolate the potential impact of any single variable.
What we do know is that multiple studies have consistently found
no evidence that wind energy projects around the world
are negatively impacting property values.
In fact, wind energy projects provide new sources of stable revenue for municipalities
and landowners in the form of taxes and lease payments.
A 2010 study conducted in Chatham-Kent, Ontario, found there was no statistically
relevant relationship between the presence of a wind project
and negative effects on property values
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has become one of the fastest growing sources of global electricity generation.
As countries strive to develop clean and secure energy systems,
more scientists, policy makers and communities are looking to wind power
as an important part of the solution.
As new opportunities emerge to develop wind-power generation
in communities across Canada, they raise reasonable questions
about the social, environmental and economic impacts of large-scale wind power production.
The energy from the wind can be harnessed by wind turbines
to generate electricity and also windmills to pump water.
During the 1990s, wind turbines evolved dramatically to become very large
and increasingly
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Most people don’t give much thought to where their garbage goes once it’s in the trash.
The city has been giving it lots of thought.
They have been thinking about it since the 1990’s.
All that thinking lead to doing and now
Edmonton which is already considered a leader in municipal waste management.
with its' facilities being visited by officials from all over the world,
has introduced an innovative new facility 
which can give Edmontonians a reason to pay attention - maybe even brag.
SEE MORE.....How Did Edmonton Make China Green with Envy

Edmonton's innovative waste management system
is based on principles of sustainability and integration of all components.
The renowned Edmonton’s Waste Management Centre,
situated on a
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Blatchford will increase density
and take advantage of existing infrastructure.
It also will help nearby mature neighbourhoods remain strong and vibrant.
It will become a model that can shape future developments.

Blatchford will offer area residents convenient LRT and transit service,
and will promote other alternatives such as walking and cycling.

Blatchford will be sustainable and resilient
by reducing the ecological footprint of the community and its residents.

Blatchford will encourage residents to live active, healthy lifestyles,
in a community which is safe and offers many recreational

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