Get Ready For Edmonton's Eco-Solar Home Tour!

Posted by Ryan Dutka . on Monday, May 4th, 2015 at 12:14pm.

Eco Solar Tour Edmonton

If you have yet to join the Eco Solar Home Tour in Edmonton, this two-day event on May 30-31 is a must-see for those interested in renewable energy and green building techniques.

You'll see ultra-cool single family residences, as well as high efficiency tech facilities in the city that are reinventing the word "green." Community energy efficiency initiatives, Net Zero Energy builds, as well as big solar retrofits are all on the map. This is a one-of-a-kind exploration of Edmonton homes and buildings.

The site locations on the list are all open-house style, with volunteers and homeowners happily opening their doors to those who want to stop by. See the alternatives in practice and find out more about what it means to go green in today's local real estate market.

For more information about booking with the tour, or obtaining site sheets for details of the green homes and buildings, visit Eco Solar.

A few Highlights @ The 16th Annual Event: May 30/31

There are 16 stops on the the tour, with eight buildings available for viewing on each day. These are just a few of the great stops along the way:

1.) The 1 NAIT Alt Tech Lab - 106 St:

Hosted by NAIT and the Solar Energy Society, this location will be displaying how energy efficient technologies work and contribute to cost savings. Interactive displays will be up, and staff will be on hand to help answer questions and provide information on green building techniques.

2.) Retrofit - Ottewell:

See a residential home heading for Net Zero; utilizing a ground source heat pump, internal energy efficiency upgrades, and an electric solar photovoltaic (PV) array. This 60s-era bungalow was bought a decade ago by the current owners who have dedicated themselves to retrofitting it with everything from solar to geothermal, rainwater harvesting, and more!

Energy Efficiency The Definition Of Net Zero

Net Zero Energy is a term used for a home or building that is designed to produce as much of its own energy as it consumes over the course of a year. Net Zero targets can be met on residential and commercial scales.


3.) The Mosaic Centre - 91 St South West:

The First Net Zero Energy building in Alberta, this is a beautiful complex with unique features including a living wall, building integrated solar installation and a community-friendly environment. It is the world's most northerly commercial building to achieve net zero status, and is the city's first LEED Platinum designated building. From solar PV to LED lighting and geo-exchange, this building is on the forefront of energy efficiency and green alternatives.

Green building

4.) New Construction - Windsor Park:

This is the new build that will be producing energy for the home, interior office and rental suite. Energy independence is the focus, with enough excess energy being produced to charge an electric vehicle via the residential plug-in station in the garage.

This home is currently in development and at the drywall phase, so those on the tour will be able to get a peek behind the scenes for energy efficient upgrades.

5.) Standard Home With Intelligent Green Upgrades - Bonnie Doon:

Interested in going green but not ready to delve into the advanced stages of geo-exchange and solar panel installations? Learn how to start small and still achieve great energy efficiency and savings with this standard home on the Eco Solar Tour. Built with comfort in mind, this single family residence achieves green building standards with the use of energy efficient appliances, lighting and insulation.

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