Edmonton the Fun Begins after Minus 15- for the Indoor Crowd

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In the midst of winter, keep your game up
on this colourful, 18-hole miniature golf course,
where the weather is always perfect.
Grab your family and play 18-holes of miniature golf on a cartoon-styled course,
complete with meandering greens, water hazards and tricky curves,
cactus and trees crowned by navigable balloons
shots that go rippling around hilly greens,
up and through tree stumps. Keep laughing as you avoid the sand trap
to finally sink your first hole-in-one.
Watch out for the traps!
West Edmonton Mall’s Professor Wem’s Adventure Golf
is a fun and fanciful place to putt and play.
Great for families, couples and fun-loving amateur putters.



At Launchpad Trampoline Park you can literally bounce off the walls
with high-flying fun for the whole family!
LaunchPad Trampoline Park will have you springing into action! Jump, jump, jump
around with their basketball extreme dunk area, dodgeball court, huge foam pit and of
course, the massive freestyle court!
LaunchPad Trampoline Park will have you defying gravity
as one of Edmonton’s newest attractions.



Take a winter journey where bison roam, and 11,000 year-old human history comes alive
at the Royal Alberta Museum, one of Canada’s most popular museums.
Pull the curtain back on Alberta life and landscape in a remarkable journey
from petroglyphs to prehistoric dinosaurs, and from 500 generations of First Peoples
to new beginnings on the windswept prairies.
Full-sized moose, grizzlies, mountain lion, and bighorn sheep stare back at you
in the Wild Alberta Gallery. Try crawling into the bear den
and experience wildlife in their natural habitats,
as well as the country’s biodiversity.
The Natural History Gallery packs a billion years into one visit.
Inspect spectacular minerals and gems, and meet the creepy and hairy
from black widow spiders to Badlands rattlers in the Bug Room.
Feel young again, discovering discover remarkable dinosaurs
to giants of the Ice Age in the Fossils gallery.
Stories and artefacts spanning 11,000 years of Alberta’s
First Peoples history unfold in the Aboriginal Gallery.
Travel from the Ice Age to present day,
stopping at a bison hunt and northern fishing camp.
Chop Suey on the Prairies is a new exhibit
taking you inside a cultural and culinary phenomenon.
There are more Chinese restaurants than fast food places in Alberta.
Go behind the scenes of the family run, hole-in-the-wall cafés to huge banquet halls.
Afterward, a lovely café and gift shop will tempt the whole family.

12845 102 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta
Daily: 9am - 5pm

Start Date: 2013-11-18
End Date: 2014-11-24



With exhibitions like Harry Potter and How to Make a Monster, IMAX films,
and 5 interactive galleries, you’ll go mad for science here.
TELUS WORLD OF SCIENCE is a giant laboratory
where you can mix it up with a 4.6 billion year-old meteorite and moon rocks,



Decode earthly mysteries in the award-winning Environment Gallery
with four themed areas:





Think telescopes and tornado makers, touch-tables and live rainforest critters
to hold. A 6-foot wide projection screen lets staff scientists
bring environmental science to larger-than-life.
Speaking of large. Make sure to catch
the biggest IMAX movie experience in Alberta,
now with digital 3-D films and full digital sound.
Young stargazers will fall in love
with the Discoveryland Gallery where kids get to board their first jet airplane.
Missed the Space Shuttle? Get your picture taken in a space suit,
chat with a life-size robot, and prepare to supercharge your curiosity.



Strap on your harness and do your best Tarzan impression on a challenging rope course
that snakes through beams, up ladders, climbing three levels to the top.
Don’t look down! Ropes Quest, a three-story obstacle course in West Edmonton Mall,
will test your skill as you snake across suspended balance beams,
along floating platforms, and up tricky rope bridges.
Friendly staff will ensure you’re safe and secure as you climb.
You’ll cross teetering bridges and tightropes, test your balance across swaying wood
planks and balance beams. As your confidence grows, you’re ready for the next level.
Each time you conquer one obstacle, another awaits. Each level offers at least 11
elements of challenge. And you’re always free to choose your own adventure.
Once you make it to the top, feel free to brag to your friends!

8882 170 Street, Edmonton, AB
Admission: $10.95
Monday to Thursday: 2pm - 9pm
Friday: Noon - 9pm
Saturday: 10am - 9pm
Sunday: 11am - 6pm



Get your front row seat to see crowd-loving California sea lions
dive, swim, and even sing their way into the hearts of enthusiastic fans.
Meet Pablo a crowd-loving California sea lion
who makes a splash daily, showing off his skills,
and snacking on a herring or two at Sea Lions’ Rock.
Join the daily interactive show at West Edmonton Mall
for a chance to get up close and personal with these sleek, amazing animals
and discover their land and sea habits.
Find out how seals can balance a ball on their whiskers
—they use them for touch and to detect vibrations underwater.
See how fast they swim, and learn how deep they can dive.
Wonder how they manoeuvre on land? Watch as Pablo walks on his wing-like flippers,
spins in place, and hams it up in front of the mic with a bark, belch and growl.
You’ll be amazed how friendly (and noisy) these creatures are.

8882 170 Street, Edmonton, Alberta
Admission: $5.95
Weekends & Holidays: Noon, 2pm & 4pm
Weekdays: 2pm & 4pm



rated as best farmer’s market in the world
according to National Geographic Digital Nomad Andrew Evans
Grab a handful of fresh produce, a freshly baked loaf of bread
and chat with the locals at Edmonton's original year round farmers' market.
The City Market Downtown is a farmer’s market
which has been an integral part of Edmonton’s downtown for more than a century.
This year-round market is known for its friendly, open atmosphere
and quality products delivered direct by friendly, local farmers, growers and artisans.
Being located in Edmonton, Alberta means the market runs during all four seasons.
To keep it comfortable for customers and vendors,
City Market Downtown is outdoors on the street in the spring and summer months,
and moves indoors at City Hall in the fall and winter.
What will you find at the City Market Downtown? Farm-fresh produce,
locally raised meats, ready to eat meals.
Bread, fruit wines, sweet treats . Hand-crafted jewellery, local
art, one-of-a-kind clothing. Home decor, cut flowers and bedding plants in season.
The market attracts tens of thousands of visitors every Saturday – people like you who
want quality products made, grown and raised by good, local people in a hip, friendly,
urban atmosphere. Come shop and discover Edmonton’s vibrant downtown.

1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta
Saturday: 9am to 3pm



Whatever your tastes, Northlands
has you covered with all the best and most exciting concerts and events in town!
Justin Timberlake. Arcade Fire. Black Sabbath. Keith Urban.
Whatever your music tastes, Northlands has you covered
with all the best and most exciting concerts in town!
Be one of the many adoring fans in the stands
when world-renowned artists touch down in
Edmonton! Northlands also hosts exceptional events
and shows at the incredible Expo Centre, just beside Rexall Place!



Set amid the snowy hillside of Edmonton’s breathtaking River Valley,
the Muttart Conservatory’s glass pyramids are fragrant home
to over 800 vivid plant species from around the world.
Breathe in colourful and exotic life unfolding at the enchanting Muttart Conservatory.
Each of the four iconic pyramids holds a themed garden
representing a different world biome and species from Mexico to Madagascar.
Bathe yourself in the lush Tropical pyramid, alive with delicate orchids,
a weeping fig, towering banana trees and huge palms.
The Arid pyramid bites back, with its spiky cactus and exotic desert species.
Australian pampas grass and Eucalyptus trees are two colourful
species you’ll find in the Temperate zone. Inventive Muttart staff
create a seasonal explosions of texture and life in the Feature garden.
Catch the resident superstar, a giant Amorphophallus titanium,
nature’s tallest flowering plant, also known as the corpse flower.
Watch butterflies and birds flutter and a cascading waterfall soothe your city senses.
If all this tranquil energy whets your appetite,
the Culina café is a tantalising local favourite.
Savour artisan creations like farm-fresh roasted chicken with brie and cranberry
chutney, or pumpkin hazelnut soup. Leave room for home-made desserts.


Climb into the cockpit of a Boeing 737 and get behind the controls of a jet fighter at the
Alberta Aviation Museum. High-flying adventure for the whole family.



Built for speed? Try racing around the indoor ProKart track challenging friends,
family, and co-workers on karts that reach speeds of up to 70km/hr.



Splash around in a tropical climate on a snowy winter ‘s day. World Waterpark is the
world’s largest indoor wave pool with 29º C temperatures,17 slides, and suntan optional.




Keep the thrill alive on a cold winter’s day at Galaxyland. Families and adrenaline
junkies have a blast on 24 rides and arcade games.
Hold on tight for this world-class attraction.
Exchange the icy winter for dazzling lights in a carnival atmosphere offering
space-themed rides for all ages. Galaxyland Amusement Park,
located in West Edmonton Mall, is the world’s largest indoor amusement park.
You’ll get goose bumps deciding which ride to try first.

Feel gravity force you back into your seat as you climb 14 storeys,
heart in your throat, on the Mindbender, the world’s largest indoor triple-loop roller
coaster. Next up: the spinning roller coaster,
then an astronaut launch up and down to earth, on the Space Shot.


Grab your laser sharpshooters and take on the zombies (or robot cowboys)
at the new Galaxy Quest 7D experience. It’s an interactive simulation ride
featuring stunning 3D graphics in a multi-sensory theatre.
For young adventurers, the Galaxy Kids Playpark lets tiny tots explore slides, fun caves
and go on a ball crawl. Older kids can burn energy on the bumper cars and electric
go-karts, and check out the arcade games and rock climbing wall.
Afterward, take an easy train ride through the park to plan your next exhilarating



Hitting hearts and opening minds through compelling contemporary theatre
is the Shadow Theatre Company’s mission.
Be moved and stimulated by life’s beauty, mystery and inspirations
during a new season of innovative contemporary plays for adult audiences
presented with passion by the Shadow Theatre Company.
For almost two decades the group has been offering modern classics,
productions from around the world as well as exciting new Canadian works
at the Varscona Theatre in the heart of the Old Strathcona district.
The world of art and its profound effects on life is this year’s theme
– two women dealing with an exhibition of female nudes,
the intrigue of a social climbing painter in Louis XVI’s court,
an ageing theatre actress tackling a challenging role with the aid of a conflicted teenager,
and a second-rate producer scrambling to assemble a play
which could make his career – each production illuminating the power of art
through the art of theatre.



Listen to music as you glide under the glittering glass dome of the Ice Palace,
on an NHL-sized rink that attract figure and recreational skaters alike.
Lace up and skate under snowy skies, or bright stars, at the Ice Palace
in West Edmonton Mall. Friendly staff will set you up in skates if you need to rent.
No need for a heavy jacket and toque. Skating indoors is pure freedom
in jeans and a sweater, music filling your ears under the glass dome.
If you’ve ever dreamed of being an Olympic figure skater,
imagine the shoppers cheer you on as you dance along the ice.
Beginner? There’s lots of room for you, too.
After a little shopping, it’s a great way to spend a fun-filled afternoon.
You might even see a hockey game break out.
The Edmonton Oiler’s NHL team occasionally practices here.
Afterward, sling your skates over your shoulder,
or set off for a snack and your next Mall adventure.



The major value in life is not what you get.
The major value in life is what you become.
Jim Rohn


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