Edmonton China Connection

Posted by Ryan Dutka . on Saturday, June 15th, 2013 at 12:49pm.

Edmonton China Connection

The Billion Dollar Business in Stuff we no longer want

08 Jan 2013 Globe and Mail
Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel is in China this week,
leading a delegation of municipal officials aiming to kick-start a new agency,
one they hope will one day be a windfall for city coffers.
The nascent arm’s-length corporation, Waste RE-Solutions Edmonton,
is looking to sell the city’s expertise in handling garbage, recycling and e-waste.

The city’s Beijing initiative, once finalised, will process waste from an industrial park
called the Economic Technological Development Area, or “E-Town.”
A city delegation will also visit Manila
to woo clients through the Asian Development Bank.

The City of Edmonton frequently tours foreign delegations through its facilities.
“We’ve got great expertise here, so it’s an opportunity to sell something
which can really develop into big business,” Mr. Mandel said.

Yujun Li, director of the Department of Environmental Economics and Management
at Beijing’s Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
believes “the advanced technique of Canada is well worth learning for China.”

This could be just an ego boost if it were not for the moola which will flow our way.
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