Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society

Posted by Ryan Dutka . on Tuesday, May 7th, 2019 at 12:36pm.

The Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ Society (EBC), a non-profit society
formed in 1980, is a leader in the Edmonton cycling community.
They support people using bicycles as everyday urban travel.
EBC promotes bicycle commuting and encourages responsible cycling.

They sell used bikes, accept donated bikes, and run bike repair and riding courses.
They also operate a volunteer-run community bike workshop where you can drop in
and learn how to fix your bike.

Among its initiatives:
• BikeWorks, a shop where you can learn to repair your bike
and stud your tires for winter;

• Bikeology, events and activities throughout June;

• CanBike, a nationally certified effective cycling course for adults and children;

• Cyclist’s Vehicle, a newsletter posted online with tips, advice and useful links.

EBC advocacy also helped to spearhead such initiatives
as Rails to Trails and Bikes on Buses.

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