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Make it a fun outing and pick a route which has a purpose
— to school, work, shopping, transit, recreation,
your favourite hangout. Carry a camera and record things
which speed or impede your progress.

Make notes along the way.
Afterwards, summarise your findings and prioritise the improvements
you would recommend.

- was the route convenient to my destination ?

- was the route wide enough

- do busy and fast streets have bike lanes or paved shoulders

- Would you recommend adding those at any spots along the way?

- Is the roadway surface in good repair and cleared of debris, snow, sand?

- Is secure bicycle parking available at my destination?

- Is there a place to clean up and change clothes at work or school?

- Did I enjoy my bicycling

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Bicycles are the most energy efficient means of transportation.
A pedestrian uses two and a half times more energy to go as far,
while cars use 50 times as much.

14% of Edmontonians already reporting more bike usage
because of the bike lanes which have been installed in their neighbourhoods
and to nearby destination points. Cycling is a great way to travel more sustainably
and also a perfect opportunity to stay active and adopt a healthy living lifestyle.

Edmonton cyclists can extend that reach by taking bikes on the LRT
and certain bus routes.

Bikes ride free!
Outside of the peak hours
Monday to Friday:
7:30am to 9am - no bicycles
4pm to 5:30pm - no bicycles
cyclists can travel with their bicycles in any direction on the LRT.
There are no hourly

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Blatchford will increase density
and take advantage of existing infrastructure.
It also will help nearby mature neighbourhoods remain strong and vibrant.
It will become a model that can shape future developments.

Blatchford will offer area residents convenient LRT and transit service,
and will promote other alternatives such as walking and cycling.

Blatchford will be sustainable and resilient
by reducing the ecological footprint of the community and its residents.

Blatchford will encourage residents to live active, healthy lifestyles,
in a community which is safe and offers many recreational

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Hills and landscapes will be designed to minimise wind impact.
Buildings will be designed to optimise solar access.

Buildings will be constructed to use less heat, power and water.
Could use high performance glazing/facades, green roofs, passive design.

Goal is carbon neutral by using renewable heat and power.
Walking or using transit reduces emissions, as does green buildings.
Right now, Edmontonians produce an estimated 24 tons of CO2 per person.
Goal for Blatchford is 4 tons of CO2 per person.

Blatchford could include a district heat and power plant that would use renewable sources
for energy, such as biomass or geothermal heat.

Large stormwater

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SOCIALLY  it will promote residents to lead healthy lifestyles, and build a sense of community
                   by offering attractive, welcoming and safe public spaces to convene.

ECONOMICALLY  it will be designed as a mixed-use community
                               so there will be 10,000-12,000 jobs on site.
                               The design also balances costs and benefits, offering amenities
                               which contribute to a high quality of life,
                               but while ensuring that the cost of the homes is available for all
                               and not just an exclusive few.

ECOLOGICALLY    it will be designed to reduce our daily impact on the environment

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With the New Blatchford Community on the old City Centre Airport
which will be home to up to 30,000 Edmontonians 
living, working and learning in a sustainable community 
which uses 100 per cent renewable energy, is carbon neutral, 
significantly reduces its ecological footprint, 
and empowers residents to pursue a range of sustainable lifestyle choices
making Edmonton again a leader in 22nd Century living


Meet Blatchford...a walkable, transit-oriented, and sustainable community.
Featuring homes for all stages of life, a great city park,
and opportunities to shop, dine, and work,

It is bordered by Yellowhead Trail to the north,
Kingsway to the South,
121 Street to the West,
106 St to the East at NAIT

The Blatchford area resting on the old City

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A confident person is so interested in the world about them
that they are deaf and oblivious to what others are saying about them
Like a two year old but smarter about life.
Who is not envious of the freedom a two year old has from worrying what we think of them.

So read on and find out how to change your internal conversation and get the best of both worlds.
The knowledge and experience of a grown up and the freedom of a two year old.

Use lots of jargon, over talk people , look bored when others are talking.
Make sure others cannot understand what you are saying hoping others will think you are smart
          SELF TALK - How in the heck can I keep up this facade it is draining me.

Speak the language of the

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How to make money in selling unwanted items

New ways to get rid of old things.
The old ways still work. Garage sales still draw the crowds
because people still like to see and touch things.

If you decide to have a garage sale you can use the Internet to advertise.
You can also use the same venue to pre-sell items
which you intend to put out for the garage sale
or to skip the physical garage sale and sell items directly from the Internet.

Of course the usual social networks would be where you would want to go.
But consider building your own website and direct people to it
using the social networks. On this site you can do more elaborate things,
like offering or soliciting trades and swaps.

Or you can search out reputable websites,
which allow you to

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Edmonton China Connection

The Billion Dollar Business in Stuff we no longer want

08 Jan 2013 Globe and Mail
Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel is in China this week,
leading a delegation of municipal officials aiming to kick-start a new agency,
one they hope will one day be a windfall for city coffers.
The nascent arm’s-length corporation, Waste RE-Solutions Edmonton,
is looking to sell the city’s expertise in handling garbage, recycling and e-waste.

The city’s Beijing initiative, once finalised, will process waste from an industrial park
called the Economic Technological Development Area, or “E-Town.”
A city delegation will also visit Manila
to woo clients through the Asian Development Bank.

The City of Edmonton frequently tours foreign delegations

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See how Edmonton is Making Millions in Green Technology
and how you can make your friends green with envy.
following Edmonton’s lead.

Let us start from the beginning.

The Next time you are at the checkout counter
at any of your favourite shopping places
STOP and look.
Really look around the store as if you are seeing it for the first time.

You will see stuff and lots of it.
It can be an overwhelming experience,
just ask any new immigrant from a less abundant country.

Stores do a good job of stuffing their premises full of stuff,
for the sole purpose of tempting us to buy more stuff.
More than we want or need.
They are very successful at tempting us and I speak from experience.
9 times out 10 I walk out with

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