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In the midst of winter, keep your game up
on this colourful, 18-hole miniature golf course,
where the weather is always perfect.
Grab your family and play 18-holes of miniature golf on a cartoon-styled course,
complete with meandering greens, water hazards and tricky curves,
cactus and trees crowned by navigable balloons
shots that go rippling around hilly greens,
up and through tree stumps. Keep laughing as you avoid the sand trap
to finally sink your first hole-in-one.
Watch out for the traps!
West Edmonton Mall’s Professor Wem’s Adventure Golf
is a fun and fanciful place to putt and play.
Great for families, couples and fun-loving amateur putters.

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Explore the tools needed for the world-wide scavenger hunt known as geo-caching!
We teach the practical uses of GPS, a basic understanding of co-ordinate systems,
and navigational techniques using handheld GPS devices.
Children must be accompanied by a paying adult.
Each attending member of the family must register.

Pack up your sleds, bring the family and warm up those little red noses
with a free hot chocolate from the City of Edmonton and Global TV Edmonton!
Start Date: 2014-02-1
End Date: 2014-02-28

The 11th
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The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour.

So let us see what 2013 will tell us about 2014

Edmonton has the best Farmers Market in the world
and Alberta has the best Dinosaur Museum in the world
according to National Geographic Digital Nomad Andrew Evans

Edmonton Downtown City Farmers’ Market
has been named the best Farmers’ market in the world
Royal Tyrrell Museum has been named the best Dinosaur Museum in the world
“Never in all my travels have I encountered a better dinosaur museum
than the Royal Tyrrell.” said Andrew Evans

As of Dec 2013 
The world’s central banks are stashing away Canadian dollars at a faster rate
than any other major currency, a vote of confidence at a time when the loonie has lost some of its
shine in

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Discover Edmonton’s Attractions

Whether you fancy shopping, museums, fine dining or a fun filled festival,
there is something for everybody to enjoy.

Located in the Western Quadrant of the city,
you will find the city’s largest and most famous attraction;
he World Famous West Edmonton Mall.
This huge entertainment complex offers shopping,
a water park, amusement park, skating rink and much much more.

Sir Winston Churchill Square

is a family-friendly,
vivacious urban plaza in the heart of Downtown Edmonton.
Every year tourist and citizens participate in a variety of festivals and events; including:

The Cariwest Festival,

the Taste of Edmonton Festival


and New Year’s Eve Downtown.

Every year the classic community of Strathcona puts on a

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Let us eavesdrop on what people in the know are saying about Edmonton.

This is how Americans see us (and the rest of the world)





FROM - Living in Canada 
Best Places to Live in Edmonton
A few years back, 
Money Sense magazine ranked Edmonton as the 31st most liveable location in Canada 
in terms of its economy, amenities, real estate market, weather, and attractions. 
By 2013, Edmonton had jumped to 11th best location in Canada, 
and was rated in 3rd place among the big cities, behind only Calgary and Ottawa.


A high end house in Edmonton

The city of Edmonton has experienced a decline in real estate prices 
since they peaked in May 2007. Home prices in late 2012 averaged $329,000, 
up 4.4 percent from $316,000 a
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Rename your problem as something else.
How crazy is that.
Because we all know that a rose by any other name is still a rose.

Turns out that does not apply to problems
because a problem by any other name
has a different effect on the physiology of the body.

Studies show that our body reacts at the hormonal level
to words we say,
words others say,
even words we think.

A patient in the hospital
heard a conversation between a doctor and a nurse
having what he thought was a negative conversation
about his chance of survival being nil.
He got sicker and almost died until he was told of his misunderstanding.

A patient on deaths door heard what he thought was a positive conversation
between a doctor and nurse
who were actually discussing

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Can Some Bad Habits be good

A habit is something we do without thinking
A Bad Habit interferes with living a fulfilling productive happy life.

Here are 6 Bad habits which may not be so bad after all.



Being thin skinned is what people call you,
just after they said something insensitive and nasty about you
and you did not take to it kindly .
Suddenly they will call it constructive criticism
and accuse you of having a thin skin.

If you develop a thick skin so the slings and arrows no longer hurt
you have to give up your sensitivity.
Sensitivity is essential if you want to be adaptive to your environment.

Darwin did not say that life is survival of the fittest
he said
“It is not the strongest of the species which survives, nor the

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It is better to have a vacant property than a bad tenant

- find a way to see the last place the tenant lived, if they lived too far away to drive there
use your network to send someone they know in that area to check.

- use your network both real and virtual created in SECTION 3 - The Power of Networking
even other tenants in the same building or in some of your other properties
let them know you are searching , offer a monetary incentive for a tenant
who lives one year trouble free in your property be very specific what trouble free means
Your lawyer or your Realtor contact will be able to help you with this

Obtain tenant estoppel agreements
an agreement which prevents the signee from making verbal claims at a later date
The estoppel agreement for

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Networking is the single most important link in your portfolio of information
needed to create wealth by owning properties.

SECTION 1 The Basics we touched on the concept
that wealth creation through property accumulation is to be treated like a business,
a business of investing in properties.
In business it is all about networking, making alliances, using the grapevine,
letting everyone you know, that you are looking and what you are looking for.

Insider information is not found in an empty room
it is found through affiliations ,alliances, connections and real world networking.

Get to know which neighbourhoods are undergoing revival
or go to the City of Edmonton Website

Have a designated email for the

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Here is where the network you created in SECTION 3 The Power of Networking comes in handy.
Your Realtor will have good contacts with mortgage brokers.
Have yourself pre approved so you can make a quick decision.
Know what your expenses will be see SECTION 5 Before an Offer is Made

This is where the seller is the one lending you the money.
You both need good lawyers to draw up the papers so you are both protected.
Do not skimp on legal fees by sharing the same lawyer.
Find a good lawyer you can trust who will keep you out of trouble.

Why would a seller provide a seller carry back mortgage
it keeps their money in a known investment their home
there could be a tax advantage to selling it in bits and pieces over time
or the market

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