6 Bad Habits, Which Make You a Winner

Posted by Ryan Dutka . on Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 at 12:47am.

Can Some Bad Habits be good

A habit is something we do without thinking
A Bad Habit interferes with living a fulfilling productive happy life.

Here are 6 Bad habits which may not be so bad after all.



Being thin skinned is what people call you,
just after they said something insensitive and nasty about you
and you did not take to it kindly .
Suddenly they will call it constructive criticism
and accuse you of having a thin skin.

If you develop a thick skin so the slings and arrows no longer hurt
you have to give up your sensitivity.
Sensitivity is essential if you want to be adaptive to your environment.

Darwin did not say that life is survival of the fittest
he said
“It is not the strongest of the species which survives, nor the most intelligent
which survives. It is the one which is the most adaptable to change.”

Sensitivity is the lifeblood of adaptability.

So keep your thin skin and let the comments which negative ninnies make
go in one ear and out the other without leaving a trace of their existence
and save your sensitivity for the finer things and kinder people in the world.
keeping your adaptability skills finely honed.



Laziness is not the same as doing nothing.
Laziness is when others accuse us of not doing 30 hours of work
in a 24 hour day, which is really 16 available hours,
if you take a healthy 8 hours to sleep.

Before email and twitter and insta-everything.
the world turned and people were productive, and many were even happy,
Then consider the possibility there is a productive happy life
minus email and Twitter and Face Book and Insta this and Insta that.

Take a page from the book of big corporations like Telus and Shaw.
Do they answer your emails same minute, same hour, same day, same week ?
Does one of their Phoney Phone People called “ Customer Care”
care a whit about you, and answer the phone directly.
You are lucky to get any response from an email
and as for the phone well be prepared to hold
....... until the cows come home next week.

Somewhere in-between answering everything instantly
and going the Telus route is a happy medium.
But it is not laziness.
It is called being efficient.

Use the email sorting service every provider has
so you can have emails pre-sorted
and you do not have to scan through 150 emails every day
looking for those which require your attention first.

Unless you are a news junkie, or a political junkie
or get paid to know what is happening everywhere in the world,
every second of every 24 hour day,
go cold turkey on Twitter and you will be amazed
at how much you did not need to know about people who do not know you
and whom you will never meet.

Same for Facebook. and all of the other social medias
which keep us from being social in real life with real people.

Can you really keep track of 800 friends.
Would you even want to.


Being selfish is hard wired into us.
We can only do things and care about things which are in our interests.

Even Mother Teresa said that her reason for tending to the poor
was to be closer to God. If she thought access to God would be better achieved
sailing around the world she would have spent her life sailing around the world.

Terry Fox limped across most of Canada to raise money for cancer.
Because he had cancer.
Before he got cancer he did zero fund-raising activities.
He did not limp across Canada to raise money for Autism.

Parents say they love their children unconditionally
when in actual fact their love is conditional to the children being theirs.
Both biological and adoptive parents will only die for and sacrifice for
children which are theirs.
No such commitment is available for the children of the neighbours.
Yet we praise and worship and insist on that kind of self interested parental love
as being a necessity for the survival of the whole species.

Mother Teressa, and Terry Fox and Conditional Parental love
do accomplish great things.

So do good things , accomplish great things but accept it happened
because of being selfish.




Being laser focused can be very useful
if you are trying to cut through a 6 inch plate of steel.

The brain be it awake or asleep
supplies us with a constant stream of stray thoughts images and associations.
Nature only builds things for survival.
Would nature have created an easily distracted brain if it were not built for survival.

You cannot get a better disciplined mind
than the monks wrapped in a thin cotton robe.
sleeping quite comfortably, in snow at 20 degrees below Celsius

How did they get there.
Taming their thoughts ?
Stopping their thoughts?

No watching their thoughts.
Watch your thoughts and see what creative doors they will lead you through.

Creativity is the residue of time wasted.
Albert Einstein


Believe in yourself no matter what
then look for a nice clear body of water to sit by and admire your image
just like your pal the Greek God Narcissus.

Those who doubt pay attention.
Those who doubt are alert to changes.
Those who doubt ask questions before during and after both success and failure.

They are adaptable and as was shown in - Bad Habit One -
the spoils go to the most adaptable.

If you lack doubt then you are rigid and inflexible,
and oblivious to learning from any experience,
which is a death knell to a successful and a happy life.



If you believe that you can build a better mouse trap
and the world will beat a path to your door
then you better order in a million pizzas
otherwise you will go hungry waiting.

Arrogance when it is manifest as feeling entitled
expecting others to bow down to your superior superiority
is when it becomes an anchor holding success under water.

Arrogance when it is manifested as confidence
without any need to put anyone down or make them feel less than,
becomes your stepladder to success.

Once you know something is incredibly good
you have an obligation to let others know.
With no apologies about your enthusiasm

If you have knowledge let others light their candles in it
Margaret fuller , writer

Be fierce in showing the advantages
of what you have to offer
or what your product offers.

After all if you do not believe in what you have to offer
how will others believe.
Start by tooting your own horn and others will grab their horns
and echo your toots.

Of course if the tune you are tooting, is deceptive or devious or a ruse .
Then you will not like the echo tune which the other horns will toot in response.


It is often laziness and timidity
which keep us within our duty
while virtue gets the credit
          Francois de La Rochefoucauld

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