3 Top Trends Coming Soon to Restaurants in Edmonton

Posted by Ryan Dutka . on Monday, June 19th, 2017 at 12:14pm.

From Poke to Pets—Restaurants in Edmonton are Becoming a Cut Above the Rest

The food scene in Edmonton has certainly come a long way. Gone are the dreary days of the early 2000s when questionably authentic Asian noodle bars, such as Wok Box, were considered the pinnacle of the restaurants in Edmonton. Now, thanks to a rise in talented and creative chefs, Edmontonians are inundated with options. The only difficult choice to make now is what to eat. Here are three of the most exciting trends that are about to make a splash with food trucks and restaurants in Edmonton.

Fab Fusion from Edmonton Food Trucks

The 2017 Edmonton food truck season kick-started in epic fashion in early May 2017. Foodies from across YEG flocked to the Northlands Expo Centre to see what their favourite Edmonton food trucks had been rustling up.

The event, which hosted 35 trucks, had many highlights one of which had to be the wide selection of creative fusion foods that were available. New and returning guests were surprised by some of the menus that were thought up by the crews of Bully Food Truck, Calle Mexico and Gourmet Grill. Some of the more unique fusion-food menu items included Bacon Sushi, gluten-free Quesadillas Doradas (a potato and feta cheese stuffed corn tortilla, topped with sour cream more feta cheese and salsa) and aggressively-priced Indian tacos (fresh fried bannock bread is filled with taco meat, salad-y bits and topped off with cheese, salsa and sour cream).

If you missed out on the "What the Truck?" kick-off event, fear not! With over 350 events throughout the year, you'll be able to fill your belly soon enough.

Give It a Poke

As one of the hottest food trends in 2016, Poke (pronounced poh-kay) is a delicious mix of fresh raw seafood served on rice with cucumber, seaweed, avocado and more. Although it has been incredibly popular in Hawaii for eons, it had been slow to catch on in other markets until just a couple of years ago. Since then, the amount of restaurants that serve Poke has doubled, according to data gathered by Foursquare. With the likes of the Ono Poke Co., which is due to open in early June 2017, and the newly-opened SplashPoke, YEG's foodies have an even wider range of restaurants in Edmonton to choose from.

For those who have yet to try Poke and don't want to wait any longer, you can find SplashPoke on 109 Street and Jasper. Providing a fully customizable bowl, you get to choose from rice, noodles or salad for a base, a plethora of mix-ins and proteins like fresh scallops, tuna or tofu. Although we have yet to try their Poke bowls, they have been getting solid reviews online.

Pet-Friendly Patios

Although not yet a trend in Edmonton, this is certainly one to watch out for at many of the local eateries throughout the city. The somewhat controversial practice, which allows humans and fur-babies to sit together on a bar or restaurant's patio, has already been picking up pace in Calgary. No doubt, with Edmontonians having more pets than children, according to Statistics Canada, it probably won't be long until restaurants in Edmonton start receiving approval from Alberta Health Services to allow pooches on their patios.

Which of the Edmonton food scene trends are you most excited about? Have your say in the comments below or on Facebook.

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