January 2018

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Smart Grid is a money saver for the city and a way you can get Utilities to pay you. Soon we will be able to measure the overall energy use of your home by the second and by the penny even on a per appliance basis. It may even be possible to hook a home up with its own smart grid which will make reducing energy consumption more effective by storing saved energy as a commodity which can be used at peak times, or sold back to the utility company.

In 2010 EPCOR filed their (smart grid) design and architecture with the Alberta Utilities Commission to put this in place. As of June 2017, the smart grid is up and running! This system will monitor your usage by the hour and be able to educate you on when the peak times are so you can change your usage habits.

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If you have ever been a landlord, are currently a landlord, or are thinking about Edmonton investment properties for sale, you'll be glad you reviewed our latest tips and tricks of the trade! Some people think owning a rental property is all about finding a good condo or house in an area that renters will love. This is just the beginning! You have to interview tenants, create contracts, monitor your property, be on call for property repairs, and evict tenants if needed. Of course, the pay off is that the tenant gives you enough money each month to more than cover costs and eventually help you pay off the property in its entirety. Through all the pros and cons of owning a rental property, how are you to keep your head on straight and find some

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Alberta Buyers' Market

Alberta has been hit hard over the last few years with the dramatic decrease in the price of oil. Even though many have lost their jobs, companies have scaled back on projects, and consumers have been very cautious, the housing market seems to be ready for a bit of stability. The Edmonton Journal recently reported that the expectation for housing prices in 2018 is set to decline by 1.5%. Comparable sources commented similarly on the Calgary market as well, which means a slight decrease in prices is expected for the majority of the real estate markets in the province.

Given this tidbit of information, it is a fantastic time for anyone looking to purchase a home! The economic cycle will always continue to rotate between a buyers' market and sellers'

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Edmonton Ice Castle

There's no question that when winter hits Edmonton, it can hit hard and cold. We Edmontonians are constantly looking for ways to make the most of the season and this winter, Hawrelak Park in South Central Edmonton will be turned into a frosty fantasy land with the construction of an ice castle of epic proportions.

Hand crafted using water, icicles, and snow; the ice castle will feature full-sized rooms and corridors where Edmonton families can wander and explore the frosty fortification. Featuring a throne room, internal waterfall, ice maze and a working ice slide; the castle is a walkable attraction that is sure to become a memorable and mesmerizing winter experience.

 Called “Narnia-like” by the castle creators, the ice palace will feature

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