2017 Kitchen Trends - What's In & Out

Posted by Ryan Dutka . on Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 at 1:42pm.

2017 Kitchen Trends

At Ryan Dutka Real Estate Solutions, one of the first things we notice when showing Edmonton homes for sale is that prospective buyers often start touring by looking at the kitchen. While you might spend most of your time in the living room or den, the kitchen seems to have a special role in how we think about our domestic spaces, maybe because so much that's crucial to family life happens there. So it shouldn't be a surprise to learn that, if approached carefully, remodeling a kitchen can often be a good way to add value to a home. 

Whether you want to upgrade the kitchen in your newly purchased home, are considering giving your kitchen a face-lift before hitting the market, or are just looking to make your space more liveable, here are five 2017 kitchen trends that you might want to consider:

Monochrome Palette

Though it seems white will never go out of style, other paint schemes come and go. In recent years, the trend has been toward less colour, employing  palettes of blacks, whites, and greys instead that allow accents and fixtures to pop. These monochromes look great alongside of modern stainless steel appliances or the rich natural woods that have also crept their way into kitchen design. 

The classic black-and-white checkered kitchen saw something of a renaissance a few years ago, while more on-trend homeowners embraced Tuxedo-style cabinets that are white on top and black below. In the past couple years, though, designers have begun to see shades of grey—ranging from off-white platinums and dark slates to warmer tones like greige (grey and beige)—showing up in cabinetry and countertops alike, and this trend is likely to define kitchen cool for years to come.  

Warmer Metals

While the trend in cabinets may be toward less colour, homeowners have begun to think beyond stainless steel when it comes to fixtures, accents, and even appliances. Among the most popular alternative to steel are less traditional accents of copper, gold, or rose gold applied to handles, kitchen appliances, and accessories. From fume hoods to garbage cans to fridges, in fact, these warmer metallics add a touch of coziness to the kitchen while reinforcing the industrial look that has also been popular in recent years. Glamorous gold accents add a touch of class to black appliances or cabinets, while copper and rose gold look stunning when combined to rich woods and throwback furnishings.

Quartz Countertops

While quartz has traditionally been considered a luxury material, with many homeowners opting for cheaper laminates, the development of new composites like Caesarstone is beginning to make this striking material available for more modest price points. Quartz also has the benefit of being one of the toughest countertop materials out there, and it requires far less maintenance than granite. As a result, you'll be seeing more quartz in both kitchens and bathrooms as the cost of upgrading comes down. And given how much the addition of quartz can elevate a room, this is likely a smart choice.

Open & Handleless Cabinetry

The trend in cabinetry has been moving in two different directions lately. On the one hand, more homeowners are opting for open cabinets and shelving that show off their grandmother's fine china, their cookbooks, or the jars of jam in their pantry. When mixed with traditional cabinets where you can hide anything you don't want to look at all the time, open cabinets can give your kitchen a lived-in, more rustic feel. They're also very functional because you won't have to reach far—or risk banging your head to find what you're looking for.

The other 2017 kitchen trend takes the opposite approach by embracing the linear look provided by handleless units paired with low-impact appliances that are often hidden in clever ways. Kitchens that wholly embrace the spirit of handleless cabinetry have a sleek, ultra-modern look that's both clean and eye-catching. The newest handleless cabinets even come designed with hydraulic, easy-close doors that operate with the touch of a button. It's the kind of thing you expect to see in a utopian sci-fi film, and it's available now.

Added Technology

Speaking of sci-fi, from touch-activated faucets to smart kettles, technology is coming to kitchens in a big way. Don't be surprised to see kitchens with additions like USB outlets, ovens controlled by apps on your phone, or lights that shift from cool to warm colours at the end of the day. In fact, one of the biggest changes in technology that can be implemented for a moderate cost is the inclusion of energy-efficient LED lighting. Not only they come in a range of colours, they can be installed in strips along the crown molding, on the insides of cabinets, or even as guides along the floor to make it easier to sneak a late night snack. Imagine that—no more stubbed toes.

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