October 2017

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Halloween in Edmonton

For many Edmontonians, Halloween rivals any other holiday throughout the year – even Christmas! Getting dressed up, watching scary movies, and eating copious amounts of candy are just a few activities enjoyed by Halloween lovers of all ages.

Batty the Bat

If you love Halloween but you’re not sure what to do in Edmonton to celebrate this year, check out this list of our top 7 things to do in Edmonton for Halloween:

1 - Combine History and Haunted Walks

There are a couple engaging haunted walks around Edmonton that will thrill, educate, and terrify you and your friends. Edmonton Ghost Tours run two specific tours this time of year. Both the Old Strathcona tour and University of Alberta tour will take you through the specific areas while experienced

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Maximize the Curb Appeal of Your Edmonton Home

Autumn and winter can be a magical time in Edmonton. As the days start to get shorter, you will notice crisp mornings and cool evenings and an explosion of fiery hues taking the place of summer greenery. However, fall and winter can also become a daunting time to sell a home because there are more challenges to face when creating curb appeal. 

Here are a few easy ways you can maintain and maximize your home’s curb appeal in the fall and winter:

Make Sure the Leaves are Raked

Falling leaves are a picturesque and essential part of fall, but a yard covered in thick detritus of rotting leaves may give the wrong impression of your home. Making sure the leaves are tidy and raked into neat piles or removed entirely from the yard will make sure

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