May 2015

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Edmonton Waste Management Centre

Another great tour week starts up in Edmonton from Sunday May 31 to Saturday June 6 during Environment Week. Take the kids down to the Edmonton Waste Management Centre (EWMC) for a free guided tour of this internationally-acclaimed facility, and find out how and what is recycled in Edmonton. Get an inside look at the process of recycling and get the kids involved in this cool interactive event.

Some Highlights Of What You'll Uncover:

  • Learn how recyclable material is sorted and prepped.
  • Find out how your household garbage helps create the compost produced.
  • Discover the process of turning garbage from a landfill into electricity.
  • Learn about biofuels and how the city of Edmonton is working to reach a 90% waste diversion program.
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Eco Solar Tour Edmonton

If you have yet to join the Eco Solar Home Tour in Edmonton, this two-day event on May 30-31 is a must-see for those interested in renewable energy and green building techniques.

You'll see ultra-cool single family residences, as well as high efficiency tech facilities in the city that are reinventing the word "green." Community energy efficiency initiatives, Net Zero Energy builds, as well as big solar retrofits are all on the map. This is a one-of-a-kind exploration of Edmonton homes and buildings.

The site locations on the list are all open-house style, with volunteers and homeowners happily opening their doors to those who want to stop by. See the alternatives in practice and find out more about what it means to go green in today's local

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