June 2014

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1.You can learn something useful from anyone.
Schools would have you believe that teaching
comes from those who know to those who do not know.
But just like a broken watch will tell the time accurately at least two times per day
so too does the stupidest person on the planet have the potential to provide a brilliant
insight even if this insight is so wrong it makes you realise what is right.
So the next time you write someone off as being stupid, or not educated enough
or beneath you, think again and consider
that there is a diamond buried underneath that lump of coal.
2. If quality slips, it really doesn’t matter how good your ideas were.
In school they teach you abstracts, ideas and how to get them on paper
and leave quality control to
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Where else can you live in two worlds at the same time.
One a thriving cultural and entertainment metropolitan large city,
and the other hiking and biking trails so full of nature’s bounty
that even the sounds of the city cannot penetrate into their private sanctuaries
Why Edmonton of course.
There are more than 160 kilometres of trail and 460 parks to choose from.
Here are a few of them

This delightful trail has a combination of granular trail surfaces,
paved paths, sidewalks and roadways,
Such diversity will keep you enthralled as it takes you through forest, aspen stands,
city parks and neighbourhoods.
There are many points of access.
As you journey your way along its paths.
the trail will take you
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So many things to do they cannot all be listed,
here is a sampling of ones which might interest you.



All Ages
The Callingwood Marketplace is celebrating their 30th birthday.
It is an event for kids to meet some real princesses and super heroes!
There will be photo ops, a petting zoo with 20 bunnies from Hoppy Acres,
bouncy castle, face painting, music, cake, prizes and plenty more family fun!
Don’t forget to dress up!
Where: The Marketplace at Callingwood
69 Avenue & 178 Street, Edmonton, AB, CA, T5A 0A7 (map)
Date Jun 14, Sat 1pm - 4pm
More Info
The Marketplace at Callingwood (780) 465-7979


All Ages
This annual event is
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Most people don’t give much thought to where their garbage goes once it’s in the trash.
The city has been giving it lots of thought.
They have been thinking about it since the 1990’s.
All that thinking lead to doing and now
Edmonton which is already considered a leader in municipal waste management.
with its' facilities being visited by officials from all over the world,
has introduced an innovative new facility 
which can give Edmontonians a reason to pay attention - maybe even brag.
SEE MORE.....How Did Edmonton Make China Green with Envy

Edmonton's innovative waste management system
is based on principles of sustainability and integration of all components.
The renowned Edmonton’s Waste Management Centre,
situated on a
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