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Happiness: everyone wants it, yet it seems difficult to define.
One thing which comes out of all of the attempts to define it
of all of the people who declare themselves to be happy
and score high on the happiness scale
not one of them has ever defined it as partying until you drop
and getting so wasted that you cannot remember what happened the night before.
Some people have a head start on happy
because they were born with what has been called the resilient personality.
The good news is that for the rest of us
there are at least 7 ways we can affect how happy we can be.

Happy people but this one at the top of their list

Good friends are not acquaintances, or professional contacts, or
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The winner of the $100 gift certificate at Toys"R"Us® 
in the 0-3 year old category was

William Lounsbury

The winner of the $100 gift certificate at Toys"R"Us®  
in the 4-6 year old category was

Avery Furman


The winner of the $100 gift certificate at Toys"R"Us®  
in the 7-10 year old category was

Erin Harvey



Thanks to all the bright, young, talented children who made this contest a
success!  We had an amazing turnout and I am always shocked at how creative
the submissions get.  Parents, we can all re-discover the lost art of
creativity by watching our little Picasso's turn out these little gems!

Stay tuned!  I am working hard to run another contest in the future for
children that will require super creativity!  Until then,

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Edmonton's 10 Best Neighbourhoods: The Future is Now
The second annual list of the city's top 10 communities featured in Avenue Magazine
This year Edmontonions were asked what they thought about the future of the city.
Edmonton had 45 new neighbourhoods since 2005-2013 
The currently second ranked neighbourhood for 2013
was ranked first to be the best place to live in 15-20 years.
Banister Research & Consulting Inc. asked Edmontonioins
what are the in-the-works projects which you are most excited to see.
You cannot wait for the LRT to grow and serve more of the city.
A new Royal Alberta Museum excites you.
A new downtown arena? Not so much.
In fact, more people (47 per cent) did not care or did not want the arena
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The Work life balance experts would have you believe
that we can divvy up the various pieces of our lives
our responsibilities our obligations our wants our needs on an imaginary scale
shuffle them from one side to the other until the scale gets nicely balanced.
What a nice pipe dream
THE REALITY Throw out the scale.
The MAGIC is to be found in RHYTHM

Rhythm is all around us we just have to tap into it.
From the Micro
    Hormonal & digestive cycles
Going in and out of Dream Sleep ( REM)
Sowing and Harvesting
To the Macro
Ocean Tides,
Everything has
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