February 2014

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When is the winter going to end.

Enough already .
Every year no matter how long or how short,
we hear ourselves bemoaning winter.

Constantly watching for a sign that spring has arrived,

constantly being disappointed can sap anyone’s optimism
and set you up for the Winter Blues

If your winter blues are more than the seasonal kind
and you are suffering from a depression which has nothing to do with weather
then seek professional help.

For the rest of us who are just plain grumpy , fed up and not working at our peak
because we are feeling crushed by the weather.
Help is here.

The best antidote to the Winter Weather Blues is action.


Get some fresh air and take a walk outside.
Going from the house to the car, car to the office, office to the car,
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Canada is set to take over the tech world
First, though, citizens, government
and the tech community need to help fill in a few pieces of the puzzle.
Second we have to step away from our obsessional modesty
a modesty which drives to the back pages news about our successes
Third we have to stop the habit of allowing ourselves to be overshadowed
and holding ourselves to such a higher standard
that our performances are never good enough
and performances by anyone else is to be lauded.
“We, as Canadians, can build great companies here,” said Harley Finkelstein,
chief platform officer at Shopify, an Ottawa-based company recently valued at $1 billion
Really $1 billion, who knew.
This is Canada’s first Internet start-up
to reach that milestone
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Startup Edmonton is an entrepreneurial campus and startup community hub
which kickstarts and activates local startups.
They create collisions - between developers, designers, makers, founders,
investors and mentors - transforming ideas into companies.


From the Globe and Mail
Being an entrepreneur in booming Alberta
isn’t always the embarrassment of riches you might assume.
Oil dominates. For everyone else, venture capital is tough to come by,
talent is snapped up and costs are higher.
The effect, some fear, is a black-hole industry sucking up and stagnating everything.
And that’s where Ken Bautista hopes to switch things up.
Mr. Bautista is the chief executive officer and
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The EPL Makerspace is a creative and collaborative environment 
where ideas are shared. and is officially open at the Stanley A. Milner Library. 
The space is open during regular branch hours
and offers incredible technology and equipment for the public to create on.

You can come in and print your own book,
             using the Espresso Book Machine,

Design a website,
             using creative workstations (PC’s & Mac’s),

Convert old VHS tapes to DVD’s,
             using Digital conversion hardware,


Play some XBOX.
             using the gaming consoles

Make 3D objects
              using the Machina the X16 and X24 Pro models

Make your
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