October 2013

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Rename your problem as something else.
How crazy is that.
Because we all know that a rose by any other name is still a rose.

Turns out that does not apply to problems
because a problem by any other name
has a different effect on the physiology of the body.

Studies show that our body reacts at the hormonal level
to words we say,
words others say,
even words we think.

A patient in the hospital
heard a conversation between a doctor and a nurse
having what he thought was a negative conversation
about his chance of survival being nil.
He got sicker and almost died until he was told of his misunderstanding.

A patient on deaths door heard what he thought was a positive conversation
between a doctor and nurse
who were actually discussing

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Can Some Bad Habits be good

A habit is something we do without thinking
A Bad Habit interferes with living a fulfilling productive happy life.

Here are 6 Bad habits which may not be so bad after all.



Being thin skinned is what people call you,
just after they said something insensitive and nasty about you
and you did not take to it kindly .
Suddenly they will call it constructive criticism
and accuse you of having a thin skin.

If you develop a thick skin so the slings and arrows no longer hurt
you have to give up your sensitivity.
Sensitivity is essential if you want to be adaptive to your environment.

Darwin did not say that life is survival of the fittest
he said
“It is not the strongest of the species which survives, nor the

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