Meet Our Team of Professionals

Ryan Dutka, Team Leader, Listing Specialist

Ryan is the leader of the Ryan Dutka Real Estate Team
and specializes in the listing and marketing of residential real estate.

Ryan joined RE/MAX River City in mid April of 1998
and has steadily climbed the charts as one of the office’s most dynamic
and forward-thinking REALTORS®. After working in the new condo and residential real estate market,
Ryan decided to start building a real estate team in May of 2001.

"I wanted to bring my level of service and client satisfaction
to a new standard... to be looked at in Edmonton
as the bench mark for selling real estate today.

Since May of 2001 Ryan’s team has grown
to include three full time buyer´s agents and two full time office administrators.
"I believe the people on this team are the best in the industry hands down," quotes Ryan.
"I searched for years, interviewed hundreds of people
and scoured all the offices in Edmonton
to find the absolute best individuals to make up this team.

Ryan looks forward to serving you and wishes to share the team´s Enduring Purpose: 
To lead, educate and support others by passionately serving their real estate needs
in a simplistic, inspired fashion.


Sarah Dutka, Office Manager

Sarah was born and raised in the Red Deer, Alberta area.
She was a top athlete in high school and a continuous honor roll student. Knowledge, from a young age has been her passion.

Sarah eventually moved to Edmonton in 2001
to attain a specialization degree in Biochemistry at the University of Alberta. Having a strong desire to learn more, she quickly continued
into the Cytotechnology program at N.A.I.T. in 2005.
Sarah is a driven, ambitious individual who has interest in all areas of life.
In 2007, she decided to enter the realm of business
and joined The Ryan Dutka Real Estate Team.
As the office manager, Sarah is able to use her skills
to manage, systematize, organize and create a seamless business.

When Sarah is not working, her top priority is her husband, family and friends. She is a very active woman, who enjoys weight training, jogging, golf
and camping. A profession in real estate
has given Sarah the opportunity to truly see how beautiful life is.


Sarah Wouters, Lead Administrator



Stephen Leddy, Buyer Specialist


Stephen was born and raised in Edmonton, AB. His background is in business, specializing in marketing, which he aquired through NAIT IN 2002.
Since joining the Ryan Dutka Team, Stephen has been able
to incorporate a great deal of his skillset and personality,
making the buying process no longer difficult but fun and educational.

Stephen enjoys playing guitar, snowboarding in the mountains
and coaching women´s soccer. Stephen enjoys working with people
and walking away with a different kind of relationship
most REALTORS® wish for.


Allison McDougall, Buyer Specialist


Allison was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. Allison is an eager, enthusiastic individual who is continually looking to learn and grow, expanding her knowledge and skill set. After graduating from High School, Allison continued to search out educational opportunities including personal development courses such as The Excellence Series.

Allison has over 10 years experience in the real estate field. She is extremely easy to get along with, light hearted and is always interested in what is best for her clients. Allison's goal is to make your real estate experience informative, pleasant and seamless.
"Putting myself in my clients place, I am consistently guiding my clients
with as much care as I would with myself or  my own family.

When Allison is not working she enjoys time with friends and family.
She is also active in Yoga and Pilates.


Jim Erickson, Buyer Specialist


Jim was born in Provost, Alberta and raised in Edmonton. 
After graduation he spent 10 years working in the oil industry. 
In 1995 he became a REALTOR® with RE/MAX. 
During his career, he has helped hundreds of clients
find their new home, condo or acreage.  

Jim decided to join the Ryan Dutka Team because he believes
Ryan has the best "team" concept in the city.  He also appreciates the synergy of the team which creates a positive and supportive environment. 

Jim says "It is both my job and my privilege to help my clients
find that perfect home and I believe it can be done in a pleasant,
fun and productive manner.  The great thing about being a Buyer Specialist
is that each client is just different enough
to make every day an exciting new day.


Curtis Roy, Buyer Specialist


Curtis was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. 
He studied Accounting and Business Management at NAIT
and was manager at a large retail and wholesale store. 

Looking for a career change, Curtis earned his real estate license
and joined the Ryan Dutka Team.  His primary goal
is to help clients find their dream homes
and have an exceptionally positive experience
during the home buying process.  He enjoys spending time
getting to know his clients and learning their needs and wants
so he can ensure they are completely happy with the home they buy.

In his free time, Curtis enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.  He also enjoys travelling, camping, playing soccer with the kids and other family activities.

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