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Discover Edmonton’s Attractions

Whether you fancy shopping, museums, fine dining or a fun filled festival,
there is something for everybody to enjoy.

Located in the Western Quadrant of the city,
you will find the city’s largest and most famous attraction;
he World Famous West Edmonton Mall.
This huge entertainment complex offers shopping,
a water park, amusement park, skating rink and much much more.

Sir Winston Churchill Square

is a family-friendly,
vivacious urban plaza in the heart of Downtown Edmonton.
Every year tourist and citizens participate in a variety of festivals and events; including:

The Cariwest Festival,

the Taste of Edmonton Festival


and New Year’s Eve Downtown.

Every year the classic community of Strathcona puts on a

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Let us eavesdrop on what people in the know are saying about Edmonton.

This is how Americans see us (and the rest of the world)





FROM - Living in Canada 
Best Places to Live in Edmonton
A few years back, 
Money Sense magazine ranked Edmonton as the 31st most liveable location in Canada 
in terms of its economy, amenities, real estate market, weather, and attractions. 
By 2013, Edmonton had jumped to 11th best location in Canada, 
and was rated in 3rd place among the big cities, behind only Calgary and Ottawa.


A high end house in Edmonton

The city of Edmonton has experienced a decline in real estate prices 
since they peaked in May 2007. Home prices in late 2012 averaged $329,000, 
up 4.4 percent from $316,000 a
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A cold Green tea Iced Tea on a sweltering hot summer day
how much more refreshing and healthy can you get.
The Green part of the Green Iced tea is a favourite of dieters.
Sadly we are being Duped.

The most popular brands of iced tea contain at least 250 calories per serving,
and how duped are we, to learn, that many of them contain even more sugar
than you would expect to find in most sodas.

Most iced teas will pack a wallop of around 60g of sugar.
So drinking just a few servings of iced tea each week
can pose a serious obstacle to fitness and weight loss.

Instead of buying iced tea, try making your own.
If you do add any sugar, make sure it is a small amount ,
and slowly reduce the amount until you are used to drinking it with no

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