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The Buyers Market of Alberta

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Edmonton a Bikeable City 

14% of Edmontonians already reporting more bike usage 
because of the bike lanes which have been installed in their neighbourhoods 
and to nearby destination points. Cycling is a great way to travel more sustainably 
and also a perfect opportunity to stay active and adopt a healthy living lifestyle. 


Bicycle Commuters Society 
 The Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ Society (EBC), a non-profit society
formed in 1980, is a leader in the Edmonton cycling community. 


Score Edmonton for Bikeability


Bike Routes Index 
 Details of route location and neighbourhood information


Shop Like a Realtor Index
    A series of 11 articles 
on how to make use

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Be quick to evict. Things always go from bad to worse with tenants.

- complaints from the neighbours which can be verified
about noisy parties or inconsiderate behaviour See Section 3 The Power of Networking

- if any kind of water overflow caused you to have to do repairs once is enough
no second kick at the can for that kind of oversight

MAKE A GOOD TENANT ( See SECTION 3 The Power of Networking )  
- consider offering incentives like a rebate Dec 15 in time for Christmas shopping
for keeping the place in good condition and being a good tenant,
be specific as to what good condition is and what being a good tenant is.

- consider tenants as potential buyers of either the property they are renting
or another property you are

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- have a Unit-Ready checklist and do a walk through with the new tenant
who signs off on the property being move in ready

- Have a check list with specific names of everything in each room.
Things you would not normally think of
baseboards / walls / window coverings / light switches / door knobs / electrical outlets.
carpets / furnace.

- general condition
place is vacuumed shelves - tick mark
no clutter left from last tenant - tick mark
bathrooms, kitchen, cupboards closets and appliances clean inside and out. tick mark
walls with no holes, seams, cuts or nail pops - tick mark
doors and door knobs fastened properly no warping or holes - tick mark
and so on and so on.

The more the specifics the better protected you are from claims of the exiting tenant

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It is better to have a vacant property than a bad tenant

- find a way to see the last place the tenant lived, if they lived too far away to drive there
use your network to send someone they know in that area to check.

- use your network both real and virtual created in SECTION 3 - The Power of Networking
even other tenants in the same building or in some of your other properties
let them know you are searching , offer a monetary incentive for a tenant
who lives one year trouble free in your property be very specific what trouble free means
Your lawyer or your Realtor contact will be able to help you with this

Obtain tenant estoppel agreements
an agreement which prevents the signee from making verbal claims at a later date
The estoppel agreement for

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Networking is the single most important link in your portfolio of information
needed to create wealth by owning properties.

SECTION 1 The Basics we touched on the concept
that wealth creation through property accumulation is to be treated like a business,
a business of investing in properties.
In business it is all about networking, making alliances, using the grapevine,
letting everyone you know, that you are looking and what you are looking for.

Insider information is not found in an empty room
it is found through affiliations ,alliances, connections and real world networking.

Get to know which neighbourhoods are undergoing revival
or go to the City of Edmonton Website

Have a designated email for the

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Here is where the network you created in SECTION 3 The Power of Networking comes in handy.
Your Realtor will have good contacts with mortgage brokers.
Have yourself pre approved so you can make a quick decision.
Know what your expenses will be see SECTION 5 Before an Offer is Made

This is where the seller is the one lending you the money.
You both need good lawyers to draw up the papers so you are both protected.
Do not skimp on legal fees by sharing the same lawyer.
Find a good lawyer you can trust who will keep you out of trouble.

Why would a seller provide a seller carry back mortgage
it keeps their money in a known investment their home
there could be a tax advantage to selling it in bits and pieces over time
or the market

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- The number of years it takes to repay the entire amount of a mortgage.

- An estimate of a property's market value,
used by lenders in determining the amount of the mortgage.

- The increase of a property's value over time.

- A lending institution authorized by the Government of Canada
to make loans under the terms of the National Housing Act.
Only Approved Lenders can negotiate mortgages that require mortgage insurance.

- The value of a property, set by the local municipality,
for the purposes of calculating property tax.

- A mortgage held on a property by the seller that can be taken over by the buyer,
who then accepts responsibility for making the mortgage

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Make it a fun outing and pick a route which has a purpose
— to school, work, shopping, transit, recreation,
your favourite hangout. Carry a camera and record things
which speed or impede your progress.

Make notes along the way.
Afterwards, summarise your findings and prioritise the improvements
you would recommend.

- was the route convenient to my destination ?

- was the route wide enough

- do busy and fast streets have bike lanes or paved shoulders

- Would you recommend adding those at any spots along the way?

- Is the roadway surface in good repair and cleared of debris, snow, sand?

- Is secure bicycle parking available at my destination?

- Is there a place to clean up and change clothes at work or school?

- Did I enjoy my bicycling

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Bicycles are the most energy efficient means of transportation.
A pedestrian uses two and a half times more energy to go as far,
while cars use 50 times as much.

14% of Edmontonians already reporting more bike usage
because of the bike lanes which have been installed in their neighbourhoods
and to nearby destination points. Cycling is a great way to travel more sustainably
and also a perfect opportunity to stay active and adopt a healthy living lifestyle.

Edmonton cyclists can extend that reach by taking bikes on the LRT
and certain bus routes.

Bikes ride free!
Outside of the peak hours
Monday to Friday:
7:30am to 9am - no bicycles
4pm to 5:30pm - no bicycles
cyclists can travel with their bicycles in any direction on the LRT.
There are no hourly

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