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The wheels of Justice grind slowly we are told
apparently police forces embracing technology
may be even slower.

Edmonton started a project to have Edmonton Police Service Officers
try out personal Body Worn Video (BWV) October 2012
In lay people language cameras you can wear on your shirt.

It has been tried in Victoria BC and is now being tried in Calgary
and Ontario and Thunder Bay

For the past several months about 51 officers have been wearing video cameras
on their uniforms, to capture events first-hand in the downtown area
Whyte Avenue and West Edmonton Mall.

The tiny cameras, which become part of the officer's uniform,
will help investigations and prosecutions, says Mary Stratton, project co-ordinator.


1) In

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A confident person is so interested in the world about them
that they are deaf and oblivious to what others are saying about them
Like a two year old but smarter about life.
Who is not envious of the freedom a two year old has from worrying what we think of them.

So read on and find out how to change your internal conversation and get the best of both worlds.
The knowledge and experience of a grown up and the freedom of a two year old.

Use lots of jargon, over talk people , look bored when others are talking.
Make sure others cannot understand what you are saying hoping others will think you are smart
          SELF TALK - How in the heck can I keep up this facade it is draining me.

Speak the language of the

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1) Edmonton is a walker’s dream city.


The North Saskatchewan River curls through town and both sides
are lined with an unbroken, 25-mile-long greenbelt of two dozen connected parks.
The whole sprawling, forested wonderland is laced with about 150 kilometres
of riverside, ravine, and deep-woods trails.
They come in a variety of paved, dirt, packed gravel, and wood-chip surfaces.
Plus Edmonton is planning an Urban Balcony
1) more.....

Walkability adds strength and joy to the very fabric of community life .
Out walking, we meet neighbours, get exercise, visit local shops,
enjoy nearby public spaces — and discover reasons to want more of each .
Out and about in a community we care about, we become a critical mass
of “eyes on the street,” enhancing

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New research links brisk walking to a significant risk reduction
for developing type 2 diabetes.
A recent British study found that people with a family history of the disease
who walked briskly, on a routine basis, improved insulin sensitivity.
Insulin resistance or lack of sensitivity is a predictor of this disease

In this economy where restraint and austerity
paint the picture of living inside a Dickens novel there is good news.
Lucky us we live in Edmonton and can save on gym fees.

Edmonton is famous for its extensive parkland and connecting trails.
Edmonton's river valley is home to the longest stretch of connected urban parkland
anywhere in North America.
There are over ninety-seven

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