About Chris Broadhurst

About Chris Broadhurst

Born in Liverpool, England in 1962 and emigrated to Canada in 1974.

A father of two amazing daughters.

Now in my 16th year as a Realtor in the province of Alberta with REMAX River City being the only brokerage I have been licensed with from day one.

Passion, commitment and the desire to be the best at everything I do is something I bring to each and every day of my life and this is what you can expect from me acting as your real estate agent.

Corporate relocation is a huge part of my day to day business and requires an incredible attention to the details. Looking after the clients every requirement in their move is something I approach with pride, focus the desire to make a move as seamless and stress free as possible.

In my personal life away from real estate I have a passion for my motorcycle and coaching ringette.

It is said that the worst day on your motorcycle beats the best day in the office. My motorcycle brings freedom and the opportunity to enjoy your surroundings like no other mode of transport. Your senses are heightened the moment you put your leg over the bike. You hear things you don’t normally hear. The smells of morning dew on the fresh cut grass. You see things you never saw before even though you may have driven by a place many times before in your car and the feel of the change in temperature ever so subtle from shade to fully exposed sunlight.

Coaching young women in a game I have enjoyed for 23 years, a game called Ringette. To be a part of a young woman’s transformation is amazingly fulfilling. I have had the opportunity over my 23 years as a coach of the sport at its highest levels to watch young girls transform into incredible athletes buts most of all amazing young humanitarians. To watch a young girl go from her first steps on the ice to in some cases taking her first shift as a Team Canada player has rewarded me in ways I find hard to explain other than pride.

My approach to life is simple. Live every day and be present in every minute. Learn from every experience and be a giver to humanity.

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